I hope you are all staying safe and keeping well. I know its not ideal circumstances for everyone with the Nursery being closed, however I hope you can appreciate why we made this decision. Although Government guidelines state we can remain open for Key Worker parents and Vulnerable children – at the point of the initial lock down we had only one child that continued to require childcare within these parameters. We decided this was not an option to remain open and arrange staff given such small numbers.

We are looking to potentially reopen the Nursery on Monday 4th May for Key Worker and Vulnerable children only (at this point) and while hopefully extending this in the following weeks while closely following the government guidelines.

If you are a Key Worker parent or have a Vulnerable child who requires childcare at the Nursery from Monday 4th May could you please email the address below stating that you require childcare. If you are a Key Worker or have a Vulnerable child but DO NOT NEED childcare could you also confirm this. The deadline for the response is Tuesday 28th April.


Once we have received all the responses within the above time frame, we will then make a responsible decision based on the confirmed numbers to whether we can reopen the Nursery. Everyone will be notified by email with a follow up phone call.

Take care