These guidelines have been put in place for children returning to nursery after a pandemic. 

The government guidelines on safer working and cleaning practices set out in   ‘Implementing and protective measures in education and childcare settings. This guidance can be found on  These guidelines will lead us in protecting the children and ourselves in the work place.

Our temporary opening times will be – Monday to Friday 8am until 5pm. This is to ensure adequate time to clean the nursery before and after use.  We will be assessing staggered start and pick up times if we have a lot of children requiring the same start and finish time. This may not be necessary if we have a small number of children returning.

Markings are on the path in the nursery yard to ensure a 2 meter distance is adhered to whilst waiting for the nursery door to be opened.  Please respect the social distancing rule outside whilst waiting.

Parents are asked to drop children off at the door, if your child is under 2 we will assess if your child is comfortable enough to do this, if not you may come into nursery and we will take your child to his/her appropriate room.

Please do not bring toys/cuddly toys or any blankets to nursery. If your child uses nappies/wipes – please bring enough for at least a week to ensure bags are not getting carried back and forth.

We are only allowing a number of children back into nursery in the first phase. This is to ensure we can work in small groups and monitor each child for health and safety reasons.   We will therefore have enough space to play safely without over crowding,  also allowing staff to social distance and children to a certain extent. We can work closely with supervising handwashing and children will also be spending more time outside for fresh air. Windows will be open constantly for air circulation.  Children will be encouraged to wash hands regularly, as we have been open for 3 weeks now – the measures already in place are working really well.

We have a full policy in place to act safely if a child or staff member shows signs of COVID-19, we have a safe room to self isolate should the need present, until the child is collected.

Staff have been briefed on the new protocol and we are 100% prepared to open back up to more children safely.

If you would like to arrange to visit nursery with your child next week before coming back in for full days please let us know as soon as possible and we can arrange this once nursery closes at 5pm.  This might support your Childs return and give reassurance.

I know this is a difficult and worrying time but we will do all we can to welcome your child back, supporting and keeping us all safe in the process.

If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to ring Emma or Ria 01027 655454.