Are you busy finding the right nursery for your child ? I came across a comprehensive article that addresses key considerations in finding the right setting. The link is attached, and I believe it will provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

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Parents can take up to a year of maternity leave or Shared Parental leave. While this seems like plenty of time to arrange for childcare once you go back to work, the end of your leave can come around all too quickly. Some parents can struggle to find a place for their child in time. 

It’s common for parents to put their child’s name down on a nursery’s waiting list shortly after birth. It’s not unheard of to do so while still pregnant.

The Covid-19 pandemic created extra pressure on nurseries; some were forced to close due to lockdown and parents working from home, but are inundated with interest now that workplaces are open again.

What criteria are you looking for when finding the right nursery for your child?

Finding the right nursery for your child, family and budget can take time. The more specific your needs are, the earlier you should start looking.

Things you may be looking for in a nursery are:

Cost – What is your budget? Will you be using any funding schemes to help pay for childcare?

Location – Do you want the nursery to be en-route to your workplace or close to an older sibling’s school? Do you not drive and need it to have good access to public transport links?

Curriculum – Do you prefer a particular early years teaching method, such as Montessori or Forest Schools? Does your child have special educational needs or a disability?

Facilities and size – Is it important to you that the nursery has a large outdoor space with grass/ trees/ a vegetable patch? Do you want a small, family feel to the nursery or a larger setting with more social opportunities and facilities?

Languages spoken – Do you want your child to learn a second language while they’re very young and would like them to go to a fully bilingual nursery? Does your child speak a language other than English at home and you’d prefer if the nursery had a staff member who spoke it too?

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Finding the right nursery for your child