New Spring Menu

Menu Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Cereal / Toast Cereal / Toast Cereal / Toast Cereal / Toast Cereal / Toast
Mid-Morning Snack Grapes / oranges Blueberries / apple Raisins / banana Crackers & jam Breadsticks / strawberries
Lunch Roast chicken, potato, kale & broccoli. Dessert: Apples Bolognese / pasta & garlic bread Dessert: Sugar free jelly Sausage casserole /  carrots & cabbage Dessert: Ice cream / peaches Chicken / mushroom Curry with rice Dessert: Fruit cocktail Fish Fingers / homemade wedges / sweetcorn & peas Dessert: Low sugar Biscuit
Afternoon Snack Carrot / cucumber sticks with humous / bread sticks Crackers / cheese spread & Malt loaf Egg / watercress sandwiches Pancakes / melon & popcorn Tuna / sweetcorn wraps. Biscuit

Water is available for the children to help themselves at any time they feel the urge to hydrate. The smaller children have a beaker filled once they arrive for their session and filled up once empty.

All food is freshly prepared in our kitchen on a daily basis. No salt or sugar is added to our recipes. Herbs are used to flavour our dishes. As you will notice the seasonal vegetables are incorporated into this month’s food plan.

If you require any advice or information on any of the above recipes, please feel free to pop into the office to speak to Emma.