During the week of 13th November to 17th November, we took part in nursery rhyme week. This is a global initiative open to anyone who has or works with children under the age of 7 years old.

We focus on 5 different nursery rhymes. Jack & Jill, Hickory dickery dock, head shoulders knees and toes, row row your boat and wheels on the bus.

This week we are focusing on acquiring new vocabulary, playing with new instruments, making instruments out of household items, creating and acting out a new nursery rhyme each day as well. This is in addition to developing early literacy skills like repetition and rhyming words.

Singing nursery rhymes is an extremely valuable part of your child’s early development. It helps support language, communication skills, building confidence and preparing your child for reading and writing as they get older.

We will be choosing rhymes and songs and finding new alternative versions. This is done by using musical instruments and introducing Makaton signs ensuring they are accessible to all our children.

Keep an eye on our notice board for hints and tips for you to help your child learn new songs and experience new ways of learning.

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