We are thrilled to announce that our day nursery has achieved the prestigious bronze award through the woodland trust. This is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and environmental education.

This accomplishment was made possible through a series of impactful initiatives. This included the establishment of a recycling workshop where children learned the importance of waste reduction and resource management.

Additionally, we embarked on a tree-planting campaign, fostering a hands-on appreciation for nature. Our garden activities have not only provided fun and learning but also taught valuable lessons about growing food and biodiversity. The Forrest school project further enriched our curriculum, offering children immersive outdoor experiences that connected them with the environment.

These efforts, alongside numerous other eco-friendly activities, have collectively earned us this significant recognition, underscoring our commitment to creating a greener future for our children.

To say that we are extremely proud of the staff and children at Tilly Mints Cherubs is an understatement and we will continue to drive this agenda into the future.

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